About me:

My name is Frank Boldewin, i live in Germany and was born on 16th December 1972. I use computers since 1987 and started coding 6502 assembly on a c64. Since the early 90s when got my first PC, i've coded mainly x86 assembly and c. I've worked some years as a systemprogrammer for a large IT company. Since 2001 my job mainly consists of doing IT security related stuff like pentesting, source code and binary analysis for vulnerabilities, hardening concepts, security trainings and so forth. When i don't get my fingers on a computer i like skiing, climbing, to pedal, drinking beer with friends, radio plays and audio books.

About this site:

This site primary mirrors my interests on low level stuff like reverse engineering, malware and rootkit research, debugging and troubleshooting applications, as well as software protections and its concepts. On a regular basis you will be provided with some tools or whitepapers i wrote in my spare free time. I hope you'll enjoy this page a little and i'm always happy on constructive reviews of my work.

Email: frank [dot] boldewin [at] gmx [dot] de